57cm Bianchi

58cm Fuji

55cm Peugeot Triathalon

56cm Republic

55cm Ciera

56cm Puegeot

50cm Specailized

58cm Schwinn Sprint

57cm Shogun

58cm Raleigh

56cm schwinn

56cm Peugot



56cm Peugeot

56cm Schwinn Tempo

56cm Schwinn Sprint

54cm Univega

57cm Centurion Cavaletto

59cm Raleigh Record

58cm Gus Betat

58cm Niac

54cm Panasonic

59cm Peugeot

57cm Trek 510

52cm Miyata Two Ten

53cm Centurion Lemans

54cm Sirrus

55cm Centurion

57cm Fuji Monterey

My Ride(updated)

60cm Stella

54cm Pugeot

55cm Fuji MONTERY

53cm Pinnicle

62cm Schwinn Traveler

Schwinn Continental

My Ride.


switch the vetta out with
a black top gear saddle
threw on new risers with yellow oury grips
threw on an ol' quick release weinmann
front rim(spray painted yellow),
black tires and some new decals!

Traded the raleigh frame for this
59cm Bianchi frame

The Snow Rider
54cm Raleigh

52cm Kent

The Suburban

The first one i fixed.

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